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Best Semi Auto and Tactical Shotguns Brands for Home Defense 2018

Whether you’re just buying your first gun for home defense or are a seasoned gun owner that wants to step up the stopping power of his next purchase, pump action shotguns are a remarkable combination of price, power, and reliability that no other class of weapons can match.

The simple structure of a pump shotgun enables it to fire very hot loads, for years, with minimal wear. Combine that with the fact that most of these guns have been made since the years of the Vietnam war so there’s a lot of very effects second-hand options that can serve you nicely regardless if your needs are home defense, sport or just target practice during the weekend.

Let this guide give you more information on the benefits of these products as well as how to snag the very best shotgun out there.

If you’re going off the grid and you’re looking for a firearm that can really pack a punch, a shotgun is right up your alley. Shotguns can serve as both hunting and self-defense weapons, making them a perfect choice for the prepper. Follow along as we take a look at some top shotguns that fit the bill for protection.

The value of pump action shotguns

1.   More bang for the buck

When it comes to guns you measure effectiveness in first use stopping power. You want a gun that will stop something or someone from the very first pull of the trigger.

Shotguns excel at this. With one pull of the trigger, you are splattering multiple projectiles at your target or sending one heavy projectile towards the target.

Whether you shoot 9 00 buckshot pellets or 2-ounce slugs, there’s nothing compared to a shotgun when you just wound to propel high-speed mass towards a target as fast as possible. And whether you’re facing vermin or a home invader, that first shot stopping power is the only thing that really matters. 

2.   Price

The simple mechanism and the small increments in gun design make old second-hand models be just as effective as newer models.

Effectively the shotgun platform is so effective manufacturers can’t really justify high price tags for new models.

Shotgun mechanisms have not changed since the time of the old muskets. This makes them simple to maintain, use and very reliable.

But they also use a complicated nomenclature with high tolerances in production that makes them seem more complicated than their rifled alternatives.

3.   Aftermarket

The simple design, high tolerances, and old technology make the aftermarket sector and customizability of shotguns second to none. This means that most shotguns, even second-hand models can be brought up to tactical spec if you put the time and money in it.

This also means that if you are a tinkerer this is not a weapon this is a full-time hobby. 

4.   Versatility

This goes hand and hand with the aftermarket and simplicity arguments. This is the only non-lethal effective self-defence option available on the market and also the only effective platform that you can transition from lethal non-lethal if the situation requires that escalation.

Same goes fro hunting varieties, a hunting rifle is just a change in shell away from being a vermin killer.

The varied aftermarket options and versatility also enable you to mitigate some of the downsides of shotguns, you can have an extended magazine, smaller shells with a modified receiver, slugs and a 28” barrel for greater accuracy. 

5.   Safety

Because you need to manually load it, it’s safer than most other options in everyday use. Now some people argue that you should always have one in the chamber for faster response time and others argue that you never have a loaded gun, even at the gun range. Safest bet is the middle ground, don’t keep anything in the chamber if you aren’t planning on shooting it.

Shotguns are also perfect to teach gun safety and gun handling while being the easiest to become proficient at. That’s probably why it’s been the go-to gun for people that only own one gun.

People that just need a tool for killing vermin or for home defense. To be fair, modern handguns have been sold as “the one gun to have” lately, but let’s be honest, in the hands of a beginner even a 410 gauge is more effective than a 9 mm.

6.   Grows on you

Effectively, the simple mechanics means that a shotgun can be a very fast weapon in the hands of an experienced weapon. Same goes with it’s spread and accuracy for longer ranges.

This makes you appreciate the weapon more and more as you grow in skill and learn your individual weapon better.

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