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How Does A Tankless Water Heater Work

Tankless water heaters are one of the most recent innovations fast gaining popularity in the market. As the name suggests, you don’t need to have a hot water reservoir to enjoy an instant hot shower. As long as you have water, all you have to do is turn on your tap and there you go! … Read more

How to Insulate an Attic Fan

An attic fan helps reduce energy costs, especially in hot summer or cold winter months. Studies suggest as much as 90% of all household don’t have enough insulation. A well-ventilated attic will: In winter, a poorly insulated attic may allow hot air to seep into air leaks. Ongoing air leaks will make the attic colder. Cold … Read more

How to Install an Attic Fan

Extra living space in the attic is a plus to any household. However, the challenge is getting adequate attic ventilation from heat build-up at the top of the house. Studies show that attic heat can rise more than 150˚F, and increase your energy costs by as much as 20%. While you may opt for extra … Read more

Best 1911 9mm Pistol For The Money And For Sale Reviews

You have run out of options, cornered in a dark alley three days after an electromagnetic pulse blasted the inner workings of every electronic device within 100 miles. Maneuvering, fleeing, reasoning, and diplomacy have all but fallen on the deaf ears of your would-be attackers. You reach for the one thing that will now speak … Read more

5 Tips To Help You Buy The Right Gas Mask

Picture this. An earthquake beyond any seismologist’s wildest dreams rocks southern California. The freeway systems collapse throughout the Southland, and the San Onofre nuclear power plant is nothing but rubble upon the beach. Your air is filled with nuclear radiation particles. Imagine this. A terrorist network strikes an Eastern city with chemical warfare. In the Midwest, a smallpox … Read more

Bell + Howell 1176 Taclight High-Powered Tactical Flashlight Review

Even though they are often used by military, police, rescue teams, and hunters, tactical flashlights have today become so popular in normal day usage. These types of flashlights are powerful and are a good choice for safety. Compared to regular flashlights, tactical flashlights are considered as the best and most effective devices for self-defense and … Read more

Best Way To Heat A House Without Electricity Or Gas

House warming takes on a whole new meaning when you’re living off the grid. If your survival goals involve being self-reliant, chances are you might need a way to avoid the season’s cold weather while sticking to your goals. Or maybe mother nature has decided that she’s in charge, so you have no option but … Read more