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Best ultimate complete bug out bag and get home bag for sale

1. NITRO-PAK Model: Urban Survival-Pak

Key Features:
Lightweight, concealed weapon compartment, Coby AM/FM Radio
The Urban Survival Pak combines tactical survival, evasion and escape gear in one compact and lightweight unit. Designed to get you safely home to your loved ones, the kit contains items selected to give you the tools you’ll need to stay safe and survive any emergency situation.

Developed by survival experts with military and security hands-on experience, the kit’s compact size and light weight easily accommodate the possibility of traveling many miles by foot to reach a safe spot. In addition to 72 essential survival items, the Urban Survival Pak contains a Gerber suspension multi-tool, Aquamira water filter bottle and a Coby AM/FM radio. The kit comes in a cover tactical messenger bag with built-in hidden weapon zippered compartment.

2. REDEPACK Model: 1-Person Emergency Pack

Key Features:
Three-day pack; LED crank light; food and water; work gloves
The RedePack 1-Person Emergency Pack contains enough supplies to sustain one person for three full days, including food and water. The safety and hygiene items in the pack include a folding multi-tool, an LED crank light, a first-aid kit, emergency shelter, duct tape, a compass, lightsticks and candles.

All items are packed within a high-quality large, multi-compartment backpack. Backpack features angled, adjustable compression straps, padded shoulder straps, zippered accessory pockets, padded back panel and hook for attaching extra gear. Loaded with survival gear and supplies for any emergency situation, the bug-out bag adheres to emergency prepared guidelines and standards. The compact size makes it ideal for easy storage in a vehicle, home or office.

3. ECHO-SIGMA Model: Get-Home Bag

Key Features:
Condor hydration system, compact size, thermal sleeping bag
The Echo-Sigma Emergency Get-Home Bag is designed to provide provisions and tools appropriate to help you get home (or other suitable shelter) should an emergency emerge while you are going about everyday life. The Echo-Sigma Get-Home Bag is a mid-sized disaster preparedness kit that is perfectly suited to keep on-hand in the office, vehicle or dorm room.

In addition to food and water rations, the kit also contains a Condor Outdoor Compact Assault Pack, a disposable lighter, tinder kit, emergency whistle, thermal sleeping bag and an emergency tube tent.

4. NITRO-PAK Model: 72 Hour Tote-N’-Go Kit (#5113)

Key Features:
72-hour kit, compact, five-year food and water shelf life
The Tote-N’-Go Kit is perfect for those who are looking for excellent protection in a single-person, 72-hour compact kit. The kit contains an emergency blanket, a poncho, LED flashlight with batteries, emergency food and water rations, a survival whistle and multifunction knife.

The bag easily fits into any vehicle, providing easy access to practical and useful survival products that will come in handy when a crisis strikes. The Tote-N-Go Kit comes assembled in a heavy-duty Cordura nylon bag that’s made to survive years of abuse.

Editors Note: A version of this article first appeared in the 2013 print issue of American Survival Guide.