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Bell + Howell 1176 Taclight High-Powered Tactical Flashlight Review

Even though they are often used by military, police, rescue teams, and hunters, tactical flashlights have today become so popular in normal day usage. These types of flashlights are powerful and are a good choice for safety. Compared to regular flashlights, tactical flashlights are considered as the best and most effective devices for self-defense and general safety. Tactical flashlights can be carried anywhere as they are highly portable.

In this regard, let me introduce to you the Bell + Howell 1176 Taclight High powered tactical flashlight. It is a powerful flashlight made with military grade aluminum material and features very high quality an efficient lighting features. A regular model of this flashlight uses 3 AAA batteries while its upgrade utilizes a rechargeable battery. The bulb in this flashlight can light for up to 100000 hours and the light illuminates up to 2 nautical miles. It is compact,lightweight and to top it all its price in the market is very competitive.

Features Bell + Howell 1176 Taclight High-Powered Tactical Flashlight with 5 Modes & Zoom Function

This tactical flashlight by Bell+ Howell is 22 times brighter than regular flashlights. If you want a flashlight that is bright enough to illuminate a wide area and to the darkest points, this particular flashlight has that much power. It produces very powerful lighting than can be seen up to 2nautical miles away. The light produced by the flashlight is about 600 lumens which is much stronger than regular flashlights that provide only 27 lumens.

Apart from that, the flashlight also features a variety of mode settings. For example, it has an SOS setting which unless the flashlight is turned off or switched to a different zoom, it continues flashing SOS in Morse code. It has a zoom function that allows you to narrow the light or widen it depending on how you want the light to be illuminated. The low light mode enables you to reduce the illumination to be dimmer if you don’t want too much powerful light. It also has a strobe mode that can be used to stun people or preys when the light is aimed at them. And lastly, the bright mode enables you to shine the flashlight in a high but steady mode.

The Bell +Howell 1176 flashlight is made of high-quality military grade aluminum that makes it extremely durable, highly compact and still lightweight. Additionally, the material is waterproof which means that the device can still work even when immersed in water. It also has the ability to withstand extreme temperatures like extreme cold or heat. It is also shock resistant.

Buying this flashlight by Bell + Howell provides you with a lifetime guarantee so that when the device develops faults, you can change it quickly and without difficulties.

Pros of Bell + Howell 1176 Taclight High-Powered Tactical Flashlight

The Bell + Howell 1176 Taclight high powered tactical flashlight has very many advantages that a user gets to experience. All it features lead to awhole lot of user experiences that is not seen in regular flashlights. Here are some of its pros;

  • The flashlight is compact and lightweight. Made with high-grade aluminum this flashlight is arguably strong, sturdy and compact.
  • It is energy efficient. Unlike other flashlights that tend to consume too much energy, this one by Bell + Howell has a bulb that lasts upto 100000 hours. And despite the flashlights high power, it is still environmental friendly.
  • Another pro of the 1176 Taclight model is its versatility. This flashlight is highly versatile as it features a variety of functions that make it excellent for everyday use. Users can adjust mode and brightness levels to suit the immediate need without compromising the quality and output.
  • The flashlight has high power with excellent light illuminations. When compared to a regular flashlight, the Bell + Howell 1176 model produces high power and excellent lighting even in the darkest areas. Its bright light can be seen upto 2 nautical miles and is provided with 600 lumens.
  • Being a tactical flashlight, it is also highly portable. The flashlight features only 5.4 inches in length by 1.6 inches in width which makes it small enough to carry around and small enough to fit in your hand easily.
  • Compared to other tactical flashlights with similar features, the Bell + Howell 1176 Taclight is affordable. 

Cons Bell + Howell 1176 Taclight High-Powered Tactical Flashlight

  • Although there is very few concerns based on this flashlight model, how this flashlight is powered still remains unclear until one buys it. Some adverts say it is battery powered while others claim a rechargeable battery powers it.
  • Secondly, the push button seems to be a problem for many as they claim that it falls apart after minimal use.
  • Also, there is no clear information on the longevity of the batteries which leaves room for uncertainty on how long the device holds power during outdoor use.


It is obvious from the information above that the BELL + Howell 1176 Taclight high powered tactical flashlight is super bright. Small and lightweight, one can’t imagine it to be that powerful. You can turn the light on and off with the provided push button as well as adjust brightness level or light coverage with the adjustable settings provided. Additionally, since it is compact, small and lightweight, you can easily grip it and carry it around in your expeditions.